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Free NZ Shipping when you spend over $80!


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Bourbon Maple BBQ Sauce

Blow My Coals BBQ Beef Rub
Charlotte Rayner

Love your products. Like LOVE them. Can’t say I love these review things clogging up my inbox. Sorry not sorry.

Goan to Bombay
Donna Keaney
Goan Bombay

Very nice spice

Worth the Purchase

I have followed Pepper and Me via social media for the last several years and have no idea why I never purchased any of the products until recently...I'm sure glad that I did. I'm relatively new to using seasoning blends but my husband and I have been really impressed with the flavor Whatevz Mum has added to just about everything we have tried it with (mustard chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese). I am shocked in such a good way how nice the grinder is at its price point as it is smooth, easy to operate, and the seasoning blend doesn't get stuck (things we have not liked about other filled grinders we have purchased elsewhere). If you're on the fence, please don't go years without trying. I'm really glad I made the jump.

Three Paste's Gift Set
Alison Fitzmaurice
Va va voom

Pastes were a gift for my talented daughter who loves to cook. She loved them

Sesh Oil
M mpHatic

Sesh Oil

Amazing Curry

I love making curry with Goan to Bombay. Every time I have made a curry with Goan to Bombay it has been delicious.

Man Rub
Ashley Williamson
I love these!

Such a great range of herbs and spices! Quick delivery too! Thanks girls! 💕

Easier to use.

A lovely blend that I don't have to use salt and pepper, the man grind does it all

Gotchu so so good

Gotchu Good Sauce , This would have to be my absolute fav product I put it on everything , I like the kick it has.

Lemon & Herb Crumb

Brilliant on a pasta bake, even brillianter on fish.

The Aioli Grail!
Amy Whyte
My husband's Favorite

My husband is not a condiments man but he absolutely loves this Aioli

Mexellent Paste
Tessa Cockburn
Mexellent is right!

Absolutely love this paste I put it in all my Mexican dishes and my kids love it!


Goes fab on Roast veggies!! Also has a kick in mash spuds
Just a great all rounder

TiK Tok TrEnDiNg
Gina Tuulaupua

This is the tastiest product I have ever bought would highly recommend product to everyone.

Sesh Oil

Couldn’t live without it! Every parent needs this in their lives. Turns any bland kid meal into a delicious adult dish. Can’t recommend it enough!

TiK Tok TrEnDiNg
Taylau Eder
Love love love

Put it on everything!!! Must have in your pantry


I bought a jar for myself and my sister. We both really like it and put it on nearly everything.

Great set

but would be helpful to have guidance on jars re; amount to use.I did not use enough for full flavour.

Goan to Bombay
Tamara Ash

Loooove it

Absolutely Delicious!

I am obsessed with the Sesh Oil - So buying this was a no brainer. Best decision made, as its is delicious on meat, fresh bread and the list goes on. Tempted to buy another one...or two as it's not going to last long in our house.

Goan to Bombay
Delani Lambert

Absolutely love it! A staple in the pantry

Gluten Free Lemon Herb & Crumb

Lovely, we use it a lot. Not quite the same as the last packet though, ie more crumbs less lemon maybe? Still delicious!

Love this stuff!

This goes into everything! Love it