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Man Rub

If Man Rub doesn't become a staple in your pantry, then we probably can't be friends. This is a smokey, BBQ seasoning with just enough spice that you can add to pretty much anything.

Rub it all over your meat before you slow cook it (try Cherie's Pulled Beef), make the best potato wedges you've ever eaten (guaranteed!), or go full chef and make Katie in the Kitchen's vegan Man Rub aioli.

Available in a 100g bag, but save yourself a trip back and go straight for the 200g jar! Or go crazy and get a Man Bag so you can try all your new faves at once.
Nut, soy, dairy free and vegan friendly, and now certified GLUTEN FREE
Please note this product contains chicken salt, which is a vegan product.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Gemma Templeton
Man grind

Absolutely delicious
Use it in and on everything
Absolutely nailed it!

Amanda Wilson

Man Rub

Katy Sheffield

To be honest, I was dubious about Man Rub at first. We bought it, and it sat on the shelf. I wasn’t sure how to use it … unlike the pastes. One night I added it to risotto and that was it. Game over. Now we do pasta, roast veggies, eggs, soups - the list goes on! This is our holy grail P&M product. Try it (on everything) and you won’t be disappointed!!

Tureia Moxon
Man Rub is amazing

Big fan of this product we use it every week

Kate Mitchell
Perfect blend of heat and spices.

Man Rub is a staple in our house. We love prepping our meat - usually brisket - the night before, with a nice layer of Man Rub, wrapping it tightly and leaving overnight. Brisket comes up to almost room temp on the kitchen counter the next day and then we sear all sides before slowly cooking... You don't need anything else with this rub, it's spot on! Perfect flavour everytime!