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Thanks for your patience as we hustle out your orders 🫡
Thanks for your patience as we hustle out your orders 🫡

Fundraising With Pepper & Me

How It Works

Our brand new Fundraiser program has 0 annoying forms to fill out and hand around, no need to collect and count money, and no need to disperse fundraising purchases once they are ordered. People can order from the comfort of their own homes & get the product sent straight to them. This new program will further benefit your community group, as anyone with your code can purchase to support your fundraiser.

Step 1:

Fill out the form with your information.

Step 2:

Once received, we will be in touch to finalise the details of your fundraiser including the timeframe your fundraiser will be live, and your unique code. 

Step 3:

You will be provided with a fundraising code. Every purchase made through the Pepper & Me online store using your unique code will give the purchaser a 5% discount* and the community group a 15% kickback. The more your community purchases with your fundraising discount code, the more you get!

You can start promoting and sharing two weeks from your fundraiser start date. We will provide some images and pamphlets you can get printed or post on your socials and share with your community, friends and family. Your fundraising code will go live for two weeks. Once we receive the info outlined above, we'll get your fundraiser underway.

If you have any questions, message


*Excludes Addicts Monthly bundles