• Lemon & Herb Crumb - 200gm

Lemon & Herb Crumb - 200gm

The newest crumb on the block, our Lemon and Herb Crumb is a fresh and herby delight. The Panko base is seasoned with basil, dill, pepper and lemon with a touch of tarragon. The flavours were designed for summers fresh caught fish, or everyones family favourite, a delicious chicken schnitzel. It comes in a medium-sized 200gm bag, perfect for a couple of family meals. For something a little different, try the lemon and herb crumb to crumb eggplant slices, crust on tomatoes before grilling, stuff some giant portabello mushrooms or sprinkle on top of your mac n cheese. 

Lemon and Herb crumb comes in a 200gm sized bag

Please note this product contains gluten. 


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