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Ready to spice things up? Sweet Sesh is here! ️‍🔥 🍯 💪
Inari Pockets

Inari Pockets

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Inari Pockets

These delightful tofu pockets filled with sushi rice are a sushi shop favourite and make for a delicious and satisfying treat. 


1.5 cup sushi rice
1 packet inari tofu pockets
1 sachet powdered sushi vinegar (see notes)
2-3 tbsp Poke Me

Optional fillings
Tuna mixed with Mayo



Rinse the raw sushi rice until the water runs clear. Cook using your preferred cooking method or as per the packet instructions. We used a rice cooker. Leave to stand covered for 10 minutes once cooked.


Next place the cooked rice and add it to a large bowl. Take one sachet of the powdered sushi vinegar and sprinkle it over the hot rice. Use chopsticks to mix this through the rice.


Next add the Poke Me. You can do this to your taste as it does have some mild heat to it. Again work this through the rice with chopsticks. Leave to cool for 10 minutes


Next open the packet of Inari. A good tip is to pour the small amount of liquid from the packet into the rice for extra flavour.


Carefully open each pocket and fill with the rice mixture. Repeat until all the Inari pockets are filled. This makes at least 16


Some optional fillings include avocado, cucumber or tuna mixed with Mayo. Even some cold chopped teriyaki chicken would be delicious.


These make a great addition to a lunch box or a sushi night at home.


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