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BFCM - 15% off applied at cart when you spend over $40

TiK Tok TrEnDiNg

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Welcome to NZ you trendy little thing! 

This Tik Tok seasoning is our take on the 'everything but the bagel seasoning'. It's a beaut blend of crunchy seeds, pops of garlic and onion, and sea salt flakes.

The trending thing to do with it is pop it on capsicum with cream cheese - but the reality is the uses for this seasoning are endless! 

Sprinkle on salads for a nice crunch, on avo toast, on top of pasta, sprinkle on chicken before cooking, on asparagus or any other green veg to give it a delicious flavour and crunch. 

They use it on EVERYTHING in the USA - So take our version, and we hope you enjoy it as much!  

170 grams

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Keto, Sugar-Free 

Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews
Ashley Hollings

Always amazing at adding a layer of epic to any meal♡

Miki McGonagle
Tik Tok trending

Absolutely love this on everything!

Favourite so far!

A big fan! I bought two of these and all I can say is WOW!
I sprinkle on EVERYTHING from avocado, dips, salads, meat, raw vege snacks!
Will be recommending you to everyone!

Stacey Kirkbride
The amazing TikTok Trending

This has been a hit in our house by for both young and old!! My favourite is to have it with tomato on toast

Amanda Wilson

Love the TikTok trending use it in nearly everything will definitely buy again

Wasn't sure at first.. now I'm hooked

Didn't understand what the fuss was about at first, but my friends said I wasn't using enough.. so I sprinkled a generous amount on my meal and now I'm hooked. Have it on almost everything and already bought another jar!