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🧂 Shakers are back baby! Grab your's today! 🧂
🧂 Shakers are back baby! Grab your's today! 🧂
Lamb & Potato Smash

Lamb & Potato Smash

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Lamb & Potato Smash

A one-pot wonder! This dish pairs the robust flavours of Lamb with potatoes, creamy lemon yoghurt and broccoli. A delicious dish to feed your family that wont break the bank. Top it off with a sprinkle of our The Mother Dukkah, and dinner is served!


6 Lamb Sausages
750gm - 1kg Baby Potatoes
1 head Broccoli
3 Tbsp The Mother Dukkah
1/2 Cup Greek Natural Yoghurt
1 Tbsp Lemon juice
Fresh Parsley or Coriander to garnish



Par boil the potatoes whole until, fork tender. Cut the broccoli into florets and add these for the last minutes of boiling, then drain.


Add oil to a large shallow casserole, and squeeze the sausages out of theirs casings in bite sized chunks. Sauté till golden and cooked through. Remove these from the pan.


Add the potatoes to the same hot sausage fatty pan, season with 1 tsp man grind and smash them to your liking.


Once potatoes are golden on the bottom, flip, then coat generously with our The Mother Dukkah.


Add the broccoli to the pan, and toss and smash till everything’s coated and looking golden and delicious.


Add the sausages back in, pop a lid on and leave for a couple of minutes for everything to mingle.


Mix the yogurt with lemon juice, and once the dish is ready, dollop the lemon yogurt on top.


Scatter over fresh herbs and extra The Mother Dukkah. Enjoy!

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