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🧂 Shakers are back baby! Grab your's today! 🧂
🧂 Shakers are back baby! Grab your's today! 🧂
Mojito Jug With Mojito Mojo

Mojito Jug With Mojito Mojo

Mojito Jug
With Mojito Mojo

Everyone’s favourite refreshing cocktail, the mojito, is loved worldwide, and this rim salt makes it beautiful, fun and easy. Freeze dried lime and mint to boost the flavour all round. You can make this one non alcoholic by just leaving out the Bacardi! It’s just as good, and you’ll thank me on Boxing Day.


1.5 cup Bacardi
1L Soda Water
3 Lime
15g Mint
3 tbsp Mojito Mojo



Prepare the glasses by halving a lime and rubbing it around the rim of your chosen glass. Pour the Mojito Mojo onto a small plate, invert the glass and twist it back and forward in the sugar to coat the rim of the glass. Repeat until all glasses are rimmed.


To make the mojito jug, quarter the limes and add to a large jug with the mint and the remaining Mojito Mojo.


Muddle together with a muddler or the end of a rolling pin works well, you are looking to bruise the mint and release the juice and oils from the lime.


Add the bacardi and stir well. Top with soda water and lots of ice.


This can easily be adjusted to your taste, add more lime juice for a sharper mojito or more sugar if you prefer things on the sweeter side.

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