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Ready to spice things up? Sweet Sesh is here! ️‍🔥 🍯 💪
Ready to spice things up? Sweet Sesh is here! ️‍🔥 🍯 💪

About Our Prices

For those that have been around for a few years, know that there haven't been many changes since day one! However, as time has gone by, the cost of producing our rubs, crumbs, salts, sauces & pastes has slowly been rising #Covid-19. The economy we operate in has been affected, and over recent years it has caused shifts in costs, and the upward pressure has presented inflation in the price of our products.

We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of our product and service you've come to know and expect. To do this, we don't want to substitute our developed processes or the flavours you love. We have had to review our costs across the board, and as a company, we have decided to raise the price of certain products for the above reasons.

But before all these changes happen, we wanted to give you the heads up so you'll be able to get the products you love at their current pricing. Our website will list the new cost coming in on the 1st Sep 2022.

We want to thank you for your support over the years. We wouldn't be here without you.

Lots of love,
Pepper & Me