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What to do with all those Christmas Leftovers??

What to do with all those Christmas Leftovers??

Epic Ham, Chutney & Cheddar Toastie Recipe
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and delicious food!
We have curated a bunch of our Pepper & Me Club recipes for using up your Christmas leftovers, especially using up all that leftover ham!
Pepper & Me Club Pizza Scrolls Recipe
Perfect for baking with the kids, these are delicious, soft and fluffy scrolls using a bread dough base.
Cheesy Muffins
Cheesy savoury muffins that are a perfect lunch box addition and easily adapted to fillings you have on hand
Deep Dish Pizza
Take a trip to Chicago with this Deep Dish Pizza, loaded with cheese and fillings.
Self Crusting Quiche Recipe
A delicious easy dinner packed with veggies and flavoured with Blow my Coals!
Try this self crusting quiche recipe featuring ham from the Pepper & Me Club, download a pdf copy of the recipe here.
Croque Monsieur Croissant Bake Recipe
Combining two French delights into an epic breakfast bake!!
BBQ Ham Glazed Chicken Skewers Recipe
Use up any leftover Ham glaze you might have or even substitute the chicken for ham.
Delicious grilled skewers glazed in sticky sweet pineapple ham glaze
Pepper & Me Club Pasta Slice Recipe
An easy lunch time bake or quick dinner, a very adaptable recipe and a great way to use up left
Pepper & Me Picnic Loaf Recipe

This smoked chicken and brie Picnic Loaf is such a lovely way to eat and slicing it open in front.
Try this picnic loaf and substitute the smoked chicken for leftover Christmas ham, the perfect boxing day picnic lunch!
Get a free PDF copy of the Pepper & Me Club recipe here.
Pepper & Me Club Ham & Pineapple Pasta Salad Recipe
Cherie’s favourite pasta salad, perfect for summer entertaining.
Pepper & Me Club Stromboli Recipe
A stuffed Italian bread hailing from Philadelphia, great for lunch boxes or picnics.
Pepper & Me Club Potato salad with Man Rub dressing Recipe
A boiled potato salad with delicious bursts of flavour from the pickles and capers.
Chicken and Avocado Sandwiches Recipe
Level up your picnic game with these zesty chicken sandwiches, such a versatile filling. 
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