• Websters Loose Leaf Tea 110gm
  • Websters Loose Leaf Tea 110gm
  • Websters Loose Leaf Tea 110gm

Websters Loose Leaf Tea 110gm

We are lucky enough to have some Beautiful Webster's Loose leaf teas in stock, these delightful Brews are Handmade in Tauranga, and are just Devine!


Chai:  In India, spiced chai tea is a big part of everyday life. Starting with an organic full-bodied black tea our blend combines a variety warm spices that any chai wallah would be proud to serve. Harmonious and balanced.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Black Tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom seed, cloves, fennel, black pepper, liquorice, natural cinnamon flavour. Contains mid level caffeine.

Net weight 110g (approx 50 cups)

Vanilla: Webster’s Vanilla starts with naturally sweet rooibos from the Western Cape of South Africa, complimented by the finest bourbon vanilla. The result? A perfectly balanced cup that’s equal parts rich and creamy.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Rooibos tea, natural flavour, marigold petals, bourbon vanilla bits. Contains no caffeine.

Net weight: 110g (approx 50 cups)


Peppermint: A super herb said to stimulate creativity and enhance your dreams is combined with lemon myrtle and lemon grass to create a natural burst of flavour that is Webster’s Peppermint.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Peppermint, spearmint, hibiscus, lemon myrtle, lemon grass. Contains no caffeine.

Net weight: 60g (approx 50 cups)



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