• The Good Time Butter! (Man rub butter)

The Good Time Butter! (Man rub butter)

Our seasonal favourite, the addicts go wild for it! Snap up a jar if you can! 

This butter is a blend of coconut oil and butter, which makes for a silky smooth product, flavored with confit garlic and our very own man rub blend it’s a taste like no other. 

Use to cook scrambled eggs, melt over a steak, add to a cheese toastie with pickles, brush on chicken skewers, toss through green veg like broccoli, beans or spinach to give a delicious garlic spiced richness. Mash through spuds or kumara, use to fry eggs or mushrooms, rub under a roast chicken skin. 

The uses for this butter are endless, go for your life and get creative! 

Jars of butter are fine out of the fridge for a few days to keep it spreadable, but if you plan on savouring it for weeks please keep it refrigerated. 

Shelf life is 6 months if kept in the fridge. 

Do not put jars in the microwave as the label is aluminium backed (just remove label if you want to microwave)