• The Epic Time Butter (Sun-dried tomato and Parmesan butter)

The Epic Time Butter (Sun-dried tomato and Parmesan butter)

Our one off Winter special for 2018! Welcome to the EPIC time butter. 

Epic Time butter its a silky blend of butter and coconut oil, infused with a rich confit garlic paste, Sundried tomato, sun-dried tomato pesto and parmesan. 

This new flavour is amazing for all the same things we like to use man rub. butter for - it just has a different taste infusion!

Try it to cook your scrambled eggs in, melt over your steak or chicken thighs and breasts. Toss through your beans, broccoli or spinach for a rich and delicious seasoning. Use it too cook off leeks and onions for the base of a soup.

People love to put it on garlic bread, use to cook garlic prawns or slather over a roast chicken. 

The options for this butter are ENDLESS. The coconut oil gives it a higher cooking temperature than normal butter, so its brilliant for cooking and adding a little extra flavour to whatever you desire. 

Tonight release is our only planned release this winter, so we advise getting amongst it quickly! 

This butter contains pesto that has PINE NUTS. The parmesan does NOT contain animal rennet, so it is a vegetarian product. 

Please note we are unable to change orders once placed, and there is a limit of 6 Epic time butters per transaction.