• Herby Mustard Butter
  • Herby Mustard Butter

Herby Mustard Butter

One of this seasons special flavors - Snap up a jar if you can! 

This butter is a blend of coconut oil and butter, which makes for a silky smooth product, flavoured with confit garlic, Dijon and wholegrain mustards and Tarragon.

This flavour is a real treat - Use it on ham and cheese croissants, to pan fry fish, melt over a steak, toss through boiled potatoes, add to mashed potatoes, corn beef sandwiches. 

The uses for this butter are endless, go for your life and get creative! 

Jars of butter are fine out of the fridge for a few days to keep it spreadable, but if you plan on savouring it for weeks please keep it refrigerated. 

Shelf life is 6 months if kept in the fridge. 

Do not put jars in the microwave as the label is aluminium backed (just remove label if you want to microwave)