• BBQ Bangers Pack

BBQ Bangers Pack

The BBQ bangers dad set! - our biggest hit, back for another round!


Our pick for Father’s Day, and don’t forget to grab one for yourselves!

Set contains:

1 x Blow my coals rub 100gm

1 x Schmack Burger sauce 300mls

1 x Herbs de Provence butter 200gm 

1 x Bourbon Maple BBQ sauce 300ml

1 x Beer & Mustard sauce 300ml

Our brand spanking new SCHMACK burger sauce is destined to be a crowd favorite. I’m not even going to explain how good it is, it’s that good.

The newest trial rub, our ‘Blow my coals’ Is the front runner for this summer's brisket, beef cheeks, ribs and anything else you would like to throw it at! A Peppery profile with some herbs, a little salt, a little smoke and a touch of sweetness, we think you guys will love this one!

Our Beer & Mustard sauce is back in a bigger bottle, the most amazing sauce as a condiment, or marinade for chicken or pork. Also delightful mixed with honey as a honey mustard stir fry sauce. (please note this sauce is not GF) 

The Bourbon Maple BBQ is a delightful sticky sweet version of our classic BBQ sauce, made to glaze your pulled pork, ribs, any chicken, or as a delicious condiment to always have by your side for dipping, dunking and mopping up.

And the last of this years delicious Roast garlic and Herb butter - 

The perfect pack for summer!





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