• Addicts Monthly Bundle - Rub,  Crumb 'n Sprinkle
  • Addicts Monthly Bundle - Rub,  Crumb 'n Sprinkle
  • Addicts Monthly Bundle - Rub,  Crumb 'n Sprinkle
  • Addicts Monthly Bundle - Rub,  Crumb 'n Sprinkle
  • Addicts Monthly Bundle - Rub,  Crumb 'n Sprinkle

Addicts Monthly Bundle - Rub, Crumb 'n Sprinkle

Pepper & Me Addicts Monthly Bundle - A limited-edition monthly bundle released on the 1st of every month.
Hurry they are only available until stock lasts!  We only release a certain number of addict bundles per month!

For the Addicts May Monthly Bundle, you will receive a Rub, Crumb 'n Sprinkle pack which includes:
Lemon & Herb Crumb  200g bag
Man Rub  100g bag
Moroccan Dukkah  Crumb  200g bag
The Mother Dukkah  100g bag
Italian Stallion 40g bag
Amazing value for $30 with FREE SHIPPING*
Was $44.75+$6.95 (shipping) 

Our Rub Crumb & Sprinkle Pack is the perfect addition to
extend your Pepper & Me collection! This pack contains
both gluten and nuts. All products are Dairy, Palm Oil and
MSG free!

It contains both of our popular crumbs:
Moroccan Dukkah Crumb is our extra tasty, crunchy crumb
that will take your chicken or eggplant parmigiana to a
whole new level. Sprinkle the Moroccan Dukkah Crumb
on your pasta or potato bakes, and take your Scotch eggs
and rissoles to the next level.

Our Lemon & Herb Crumb is a fresh and herby
delight. The Panko crumb base is seasoned with basil,
dill, pepper and lemon with a touch of tarragon.
The flavours were designed for fresh-caught fish, or
everyone's family favourite, a delicious
chicken schnitzel.

Man Rub is a smokey, BBQ seasoning with just enough
spice that you can add to pretty much anything. Rub it
all over your meat before you slow cook it, make the
best potato wedges you’ve ever eaten (guaranteed!),
or go full chef and make Man Rub aioli.

Our Mother Dukkah contains toasted almonds blended
with signature Pepper & Me spices, sesame and
coriander seeds. You might be thinking that dukkah isn’t
your thing, but that’s only because you haven’t tried
the mother of all dukkah's - The Mother Dukkah. This
Moroccan spiced dukkah goes amazingly well with
smashed avo, or eggs, or sprinkled on your favourite
dip. Saute your veggies and then toss some The Mother
Dukkah through for a taste sensation.

Lastly, our Italian Stallion is a mix of all the usual
suspects of Rosemary, Oregano, Basil, Sage and
Thyme but mixed with a little garlic and onion powder,
a hint of lemon and seasoned with salt flakes and
pepper. It’s perfect to add to all your traditional Italian
cooking, lasagne, meatballs, pizza, pasta, tomato or
creamy sauces, and try it in any recipe that calls for a herby touch! 

*Please note: We are unable to offer any other discounts on our addict's monthly bundle.

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