• Tandoori Recipe Pack

Tandoori Recipe Pack

The best of the best. 5 of our most requested recipes using our Titillating Tandoori Paste! Add to your cart now to get instant access to download and print these recipes. Enjoy!

Lamb Saag

If you saw me cook this on snap chat, you will be first in line to download this much sought after recipe! This mild and creamy lamb saag was the best curry we have ever eaten. This recipe calls to braise the lamb first and add the spinach sauce near the end so the dish retains the beautiful lamb flavour and vibrant green colour. The family will be blown away, just as mine were!

Chicken Korma

Another Indian fav, maybe not as widely known as the butter chicken but the same family friendly spices are used in a greek yoghurt base, and the almonds bring a new dimension to the beautifully balanced Tandoori flavours.

Takeaway Style Butter Chicken

This is the closest thing to the ever popular takeaway butter chicken you will find! Tender chicken thigh in a creamy and mild tomato sauce. We highly recommend adding the touch of chipotle as the recipe suggests, it brings a smokey depth to the curry. Enjoy!

Kiddies Butter Chicken (With hidden veg)

A twist on our classic, jam packed with hidden veggies will make this recipe mums new secret weapon! You can hide a whole multitude of goodness in here, and we are yet to find a kid who doesn’t love this curry. If you find using the whole chook a bit tricky, feel free to skip the kegs completely and add in another breast towards the end of the recipe.

Roti Canai

This has a bit more mucking around then the standard naan, but if you get it right, its sooo worth it! The layers of crisp flakey flat bread would make this comparable to an Indian croissant. Great Sunday afternoon project, the kids will love helping with the snake and snailing part.


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