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Enchilada Stack

Enchilada Stack

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Enchilada Stack


To all the Gluten-Free people out there, this one is for you! Taking your classic Enchilada staples and transporting it into a new dimension. This stack is the partner with a light salad and a slushy marg. Disclaimer, this isn't for lactose intolerant people of the world.

This recipe was created using product from our friends at the Gluten-Free Shop.Check them out for a wide range of Gluten-Free products.


500 g beef mince
3 tbsp Mexcellent Paste
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 can chili beans (or kidney/black beans)
1 tbsp oil
1 packet Gluten-Free flour tortillas/wraps
Man Grind or Chipotle Lime Salt
1 cup frozen corn
1 large orange kumara (or two medium sized)
1 tub cottage cheese
grated cheese (roughly a cup depending on how cheesy you like it)



Brown mince in oil over a medium high heat, breaking up with a wooden spoon


Add Mexcellent Paste, chopped tomatoes and 1/3 cup water, stir well


Add chilli beans, simmer for five minutes over a medium high heat.


Prick an orange kumara all over with a fork and microwave until fork tender, about 10 minutes turning once. Alternatively you can peel and boil the kumara just make sure you drain it really well and pop back into the hot saucepan to dry it off before mashing. Scoop the flesh out of the kumara into a bowl and add about 1/3 the tub of cottage cheese and season with Man Grind or Chipotle Lime Salt


Mash the cottage cheese and kumara together.


To assemble the stack place a couple of spoonful of mince in the bottom of the dish.


Add a Gluten-Free wrap.


Add a layer of mince and a small sprinkle of cheese.


Place another Gluten-Free wrap in the stack and spread with about 1/3 of the kumara mixture. Repeat this process alternating between mince and Kumara


For the final layer spread the remaining cottage cheese on top season with Chipotle Lime Salt or Man Grind.


Sprinkle with a little grated cheese, bake at 180C fan bake for 25 min or until golden and heated through.

To Serve:

Add some guac and sour cream or salad.

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