Rub n Grind

When we launched the Hakuna ma tatas range, the men got pretty involved!

I had so much great feedback from the guys, who found themselves getting quite excited about the new spices in there leading ladies lives (ohh try say that one three times quickly) that I knew we had to get to work creating something special, just for them (and secretly us)

In all seriousness I couldn’t be more pleased with the products we are about to launch. The Rub took more than a few goes to get perfect, but with much trial and error, I have created something I know is really special and I really hope you guys feel the same way.

MAN RUB can be rubbed on pretty much everything, or mixed with a little oil and used as a marinade. It will transform plain chunks of chicken breast into divine richly flavored kebabs. Mix with mince to create extra special Patties or rissoles for your summer BBQ. Dusted on steak, there is no other seasoning necessary; Man rub will take them to the next level. Try mixing it with a TBL of oil and a TBL of BBQ sauce to give chicken nibbles a sticky sweet marinade, which will bake down into a delicious glaze. Create spiced and smoky potato or kumara wedges using just a little of our rub with a splash of oil. Mix man rub with melted butter to brush over your juicy summer corn on the cob, or any of your other favorite vegetables. This rub can also be mixed with yoghurt, mayonnaise or sour cream to be used as a dip, a pasta or potato salad dressing, a burger sauce – the options are endless!

MAN GRIND has a rock salt base with three types of dried chili, crispy garlic flakes, dehydrated citrus zest, beautiful bay leaves, a touch of pepper and a few other secret herby touches. For use in any everyday salt and pepper grinder, and very much a multi purpose seasoning. This will replace salt and pepper in you house, as it has done in mine. The hardest part of our lives right now is deciding whether to season with Man grind or Whatevz mum grind. The Whatevz mum is a beautiful blend with the fennel seeds and other lactation bits plus herbs giving it a stronger flavor than the Man grind. I love both Salt blends, and enjoy experimenting with the best potential matches. So far the Man grind is winning when It comes to any quick cooked meat like steak, schnitzel, lamb cutlets or more delicate or sweet vegetables such as courgette, eggplant, capsicum or corn, or breakfast foods like scrambled eggs, hash browns and roasted tomato’s. The whatevz blend wins with fish, or more robust meats like slow cooked beef, chicken drums or thighs. Great match for winter veg such as pumpkin, beetroot, potato, leeks, broccoli or cauli- which can all handle a more punchy flavor.

If that gets confusing try this as a rule of thumb ‘If you would usually only season it with salt and pepper, go man grind, if you would usually chuck some herbs or spices at it as well, go with whatevz seasoning’

Our rub and grind have both been created gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, soy free and nut free, with a little zing but not spicy enough to put the kids off. They will become your go-to summer kitchen essential, an all round flavor master that’s suitable for the whole family.

Because we have kept this product as a dry rub and salt blend, they will not expire or go bad - I highly doubt it will last long in anyone’s household without being used, but if it does, there’s no hurry to use it up!

If our first seasonal release goes really well, I will look at getting some man packs together, including a nice wooden seasoning grinder to go with the Man rub n grind sets if this would be of interest to people. Keep us in mind for Christmas prezzie ideas!

A quick packaging update, we have had one or two breakage issues with our jars in the Hakuna ma tatas sets, so the new paper bags are also the perfect solution to package the rub n grind. There is a deceivingly large amount of product in these little bags, and heat-sealing the top to give another seal for freshness was rather satisfying. As for the Jars, we have added a layer of corrugated cardboard to the bubble wrapped packaging and gift-wrapping. We have also switched courier companies, and are trialing the pass the parcel system which seems to be working really well so far. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there are any issues with your deliveries or packaging, any feedback is still good feedback at this stage and I will always do my best to solve the issue for you.

I will also be trying to get a little more personal with the business pages and try and keep up with running a blog, I would love everyones support as we continue to grow as a business and a family (no I'm not pregnant mum!) And this seems like great way to keep you all involved.

Keep the good feedback and food pictures rolling in guys, get amongst our new products and ENJOY – Summers just around the corner.

X Pepper & Me